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If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

20170804 Term 3.2.pdfNewsletter 4th August 201720170804 Term 3.28/08/20173013 KB
21 July 2017.pdfNewsletter 21st July 201721 July 201721/07/20172281 KB
20170529 Term 2.3.pdfNewsletter 26th May 201720170529 Term 2.329/06/20173488 KB
20170609 Term 2.4.pdfNewsletter 9th June 201720170609 Term 2.49/06/20174033 KB
20170512 Term 2.2.pdfNewsletter 12th May 201720170512 Term 2.215/05/20172057 KB
20170428 Term 2.1.pdfNewsletter 28th April 201720170428 Term 2.12/05/20171986 KB
15th March 2017 Newsletter.pdf15th March 2017 Newsletter15th March 2017 Newsletter15/03/20173688 KB
20170227 Term 1.3.pdfNewsletter 27th February 201720170227 Term 1.327/02/20172564 KB
20170210 Term 1.2.pdfNewsletter 10th February 201720170210 Term 1.210/02/20171778 KB
20170203 Term 1.1.pdfNewsletter Feb 3 201720170203 Term 1.13/02/20172609 KB
Newsletter Dec 5 2016.pdfNewsletter 5th December 2016Newsletter Dec 5 20165/12/20164100 KB
Newsletter Nov 21 2016.pdfNewsletter November 21st 2016Newsletter Nov 21 201622/11/20165991 KB
Newsletter 24th October 2016.pdfNewsletter 24th October 2016Newsletter 24th October 201625/10/20162607 KB
Newsletter 10th October 2016.pdfNewsletter 10th October 2016Newsletter 10th October 201610/10/20161811 KB
Newsletter 12th September 2016.pdfNewsletter 12th September 2016Newsletter 12th September 201612/09/20163294 KB
Newsletter 29th August 2016.pdfNewsletter 29th August 2016Newsletter 29th August 201629/08/20163393 KB
Newsletter 15th August 2016.pdfNewsletter 15th August 2016Newsletter 15th August 201615/08/20163531 KB
Newsletter 01st August 2016.pdfNewsletter 01st August 2016Newsletter 01st August 20161/08/20162095 KB
Newsletter 18th July 2016.pdfNewsletter 18th July 2016Newsletter 18th July 201618/07/20161894 KB
Newsletter 24th June 2016.pdfNewsletter 24th June 2016Newsletter 24th June 201624/06/20161706 KB
Newsletter 14th June 2016.pdfNewsletter 14th June 2016Newsletter 14th June 201614/06/20162196 KB
Newsletter 30th May 2016.pdfNewsletter 30th May 2016Newsletter 30th May 201630/05/20162219 KB
Newsletter 16th May 2016.pdfNewsletter 16th May 2016Newsletter 16th May 201617/05/20162006 KB
Newsletter 03rd May 2016.pdfNewsletter 3rd May 2016Newsletter 03rd May 20163/05/20163727 KB
Newsletter 18th April 2016.pdfNewsletter 18th April 2016Newsletter 18th April 201618/04/20163074 KB
Newsletter 14th March 2016.pdfNewsletter 14th March 2016Newsletter 14th March 201614/03/20161500 KB
Newsletter 29th February 2016.pdf29th February 2016Newsletter 29th February 201629/02/20162388 KB
Newsletter 15 February 2016.pdf15th February 2016Newsletter 15 February 201615/02/20161848 KB
Newsletter 01 February 2016.pdf1st February 2016Newsletter 01 February 20161/02/20161997 KB
Newsletter 10 Nov 2015.pdfNewsletter 10 November 2015Newsletter 10 Nov 201510/11/20152108 KB
Newsletter 27 Oct 2015.pdfNewsletter 27 October 2015Newsletter 27 Oct 201527/10/2015955 KB
Newsletter 13 Oct 2015.pdfNewsletter 13 October 2015Newsletter 13 Oct 201513/10/2015967 KB
newsletter_2015.09.105.pdfNewsletter 15 September 2015newsletter_2015.09.10515/09/2015746 KB
newsletter_21-07-2015.pdfNewsletter 21 July 2015newsletter_21-07-201521/07/2015777 KB
Newsletter 08 Dec 2014.pdfNewsletter 9 Dec 2014Newsletter 08 Dec 20149/12/2014649 KB
10th June Newsletter.pdfTerm 2 Week 810th June Newsletter10/06/2014380 KB
26th May Newsletter.pdfTerm 2 Week 626th May Newsletter26/05/2014394 KB
12th May Newsletter.pdfWeek 4, Term 212th May Newsletter13/05/2014148 KB
28th April Newsletter.pdfWeek 2 Term 228th April Newsletter28/04/2014393 KB
31st March Newsletter.pdfMerinda State School Newsletter31st March Newsletter31/03/2014228 KB
2014 T1W6.pdfNews Letter Term 1 Week 62014 T1W67/03/2014313 KB
2014 T1W4.pdfNewsletter Term 1 Week 42014 T1W421/02/2014419 KB
2014 T1W2.pdfNews Letter Term 1 Week 22014 T1W27/02/2014250 KB
newsletter-2013-06-11.pdfNewsletter 11 June 2013newsletter-2013-06-1111/06/2013889 KB
15th March Newsletter.pdf15th March Newsletter365 KB